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Silsden Campaign for the Countryside welcomes all Silsden residents as members and supporters. We are not against all development, far from it. We just want it to be fair, affordable and to preserve our fields, footpaths and wildlife as much as possible.

Plans are afoot to build new homes on many of the fields on the outskirts of Silsden, but without ensuring there are adequate plans in place to improve the town's infrastructure and the facilities that new residents will need. Help us ensure plans meet all our needs.

How green is our valley...but it appears to be getting smaller

Fields, meadows, wetlands and lanes which once seemed an eternal feature of the rural scene have increasingly disappeared under concrete. The building of a new school at Hawber Cote is a current example of this new urban landscape. 

Silsden has always accepted that some development is inevitable, as time moves on and social needs evolve. But there comes a moment when the threat of further erosion of our beautiful countryside not only puts at risk a special landscape but also the balance of nature and the well-being of our community.

Generations of local people have walked, enjoyed and benefitted from the grand green pastures and ancient routes that link Banklands and Hawber Cote with Brown Bank Lane, Swartha and


Brunthwaite. Many more have discovered anew these delights during 'exercise hour' of the pandemic lockdown. 

But perhaps not everyone realises that, with more than a thousand extra houses planned for our town, this much-loved stretch, with its abundant trees, hedgerows, birdlife and footpaths, remains under an active threat from large-scale unsustainable development. 


To illustrate the extent of the landscape at risk, Silsden Campaign for the Countryside has taken to the air to provide this useful over-view. The resulting video illustrates graphically the impact on our natural environment if a further huge housing estate receives the go-ahead here.


If you share our concern please offer support to future campaigns!

Silsden Campaign for the Countryside is run by local people who care deeply about our town. We are not affiliated to any political party. We just want to help protect our local environment and quality of life as residents.  We promote activities that support and sustain the health and beauty of our countryside in and around Silsden.

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Silsden's countryside is under severe threat from over-development without the infrastructure needed.

Take a look at our map, which shows the full impact of all development, including planned future development.

Unless we act, there will be:

  • even more traffic choking the high street

  • longer waits for a doctor's appointment

  • less choice about where our children go to secondary school.

As we develop our website you'll be able to find out more about our projects as we keep you updated on developments.


Silsden Campaign for the Countryside is run by local people who care deeply about our town. We are not affiliated to any political party and we welcome all Silsden residents as members and supporters. We now need more people to support us to stop over-development ruining our town.

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